Rochester, MN 55902

Open Monday -Saturday
at 11 am

Open Sunday
at 4 pm

Meet Our Team

Ducky Harrison
Head Chef
Tessa Leung
Chief Operations Manager
Kelly Griffin
General Manager
Steve Finnie
Head Brewer

About Us

To craft beer, food and an experience worthy of our guests and community.

The needs of the guest come first *
*Except when they are complete drunken arses.

Why “Grand Rounds”?
It’s hard to name a business. We spent a long time thinking about a name. We wanted the name of the brewpub to reflect what we’re trying to create – a sense of community, a gathering place, a true neighborhood pub where folks feel welcome, where anyone and everyone can meet and have a good discussion over a pint.

When we thought about people coming together over a pint – people from different backgrounds, different walks of life, with different interests and different outlooks, the concept of a medical grand rounds came to mind. The purpose of a medical grand rounds, everyone comes together to learn. It used to be right at the patient bedside, and now it’s more in an auditorium setting. In these grand rounds, you’ll see all ages – young to old, from different specialties, and different ethnic and educational backgrounds, all there to learn. They all bring something to the table. If you’ve ever been in a great conversation at the pub over a pint, it’s very similar. People bring their passion to the table when they discuss what’s important to them – whether that’s medicine, football, food, knitting, art, family, music, or beer. That’s what we envision for Grand Rounds Brewpub – people from all walks of life coming together over a pint, food, and good conversation.

Our city has a rich background as a medical community, and we recognize all the good people in our community that are helping patients and improving the science and technology of patient care. We also recognize all the people that are here supporting everything else it takes to make our city great – the people educating and caring for our children, the people keeping us safe, the people running small businesses, the people providing entertainment, the people making art and keeping our community beautiful, the people growing our food, and all the people out there providing goods and services that we use and appreciate every day. You are our people. Come and drink beer with each other and be happy.