Rochester, MN 55902

Open Monday -Saturday
at 11 am

Open Sunday
at 4 pm


General Questions:

Are you affiliated with Mayo Clinic?
No. We are not part of the medical industry, although we will make them delicious beer to drink after a hard days work. Will GRBC beer cure what ails you? We can’t make those claims. Will it make you more attractive? Probably, but we can’t make those claims either. Will it make you smarter? You’re here, so you’re smarter already.

Can I make a reservation?
Yes. To make a  reservation please call 507.292.1628.

Do you make donations?
Yes we do. Please see our donation policy and form for more information.

Can I bring my kids?
Yes. We welcome you and your family. We have a great kid’s menu and changing tables in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

Can I bring my dog?
Not inside the brewpub, but your doggie is welcome to enjoy a spot with you on our patio in the summer.

Can I book a room for a private event?
Yes. Check out our Private Rooms page for more information.

Are you hiring?
You are welcome to fill out an application for Front of the House or Back of the House staff. We aren’t hiring for positions in the brewhouse right now.

Is your space handicapped accessible?
Yes. We do have some high-top tables, so if you’re making a reservation, please indicate if you would prefer an accessible table.

Can I order gear from your website?
Yes and no. We have a fine selection of Grand Rounds gear, but you will have to call us at 507.292.1628 to place and order.

Beer Questions:

Can we volunteer to brew beer?
While we support our homebrewing community, we can’t support a volunteer program at this time. If our brewer is available, he’s always happy to answer questions about his beer.

Do you have any gluten-free beers?
We have gluten-free cider on tap from our friends at Sociable Cider Werks in Minneapolis, and check out our Drink section for our list of wines and mixed drinks.

Will you fill any growler?
Not right now. Sorry, we know the Minnesota law has changed, but we’re new and still learning. We will sell our own growlers, and we will operate on an exchange only program. You have an empty Grand Rounds growler, you bring it in, we exchange it for a full one. We will only sell a limited number of growlers a day. We love drinking beer in the comfort of our own home too, but we need to be able to serve beer to our restaurant patrons. Once we learn our supply and demand numbers, we’ll consider changing our policy.