Rochester, MN 55902

Open Monday -Saturday
at 11 am

Open Sunday
at 4 pm


Donation Guidelines

Local, nonprofit 501c3 organizations only

Our contribution must impact local people and places – we want to keep our donations local, just like our beer

Donation requests must be received 60 days prior to your event. We will do our best to get back to you within 2 weeks of your ask.

Only one donation per calendar year per organization please.

Donations must be picked up during daytime business hours – M-F 11:00 – 5:00

We do not have staff to work at events or deliver donations.

We will not donate to:

Individual or private fundraisers

Your family reunion, bachelor party, camping trip, or golfing outing. We are happy for you, we just can’t provide a donation for your occasion.

Sports teams, bands, or musicians – we love sports and music, there are just too many and we don’t want to play favorites.

Religious affiliated events or churches.

Political organizations or campaigns

* GRBC reserves the right to support our employees and their families. If you do see us present at any of the above events, chances are we’re just making a small contribution to a cause or event involving one of our employees or they are choosing to support the cause themselves. Don’t take offense.


Charitable Donations

Thank you for thinking of Grand Rounds Brewing Company. We are dedicated to supporting our local community through charitable donations to local, neighborhood non-profit organizations. While we would love to give donations to everyone that asks, there are more good events/causes/groups than we can support. We feel bad about saying no to some of you, so we’ve put together a donation policy to make it easier on everyone. Because we are a new and growing brewing company, we cannot accept request for beer donations at this time. We hope we will be able to quench your thirst at community events and festivals in the future, so please check back.

Neighborhood Meeting Space
In addition direct donations, we can provide your local group or organization meeting space in the brewpub. We have space for 60 people standing, 50 seated. If you qualify under our donation policy (see green box at right)  and the space is available, we can offer you this space free of charge.

Military Discount
We are proud to support the amazing men and women who keep us safe and free. We offer a 15% discount to veterans and active military as well as the family of active military.

American Homebrewers Association Discount
Our head brewer homebrewed for over 15 years before getting an opportunity to live the dream. We recognize and support the homebrewing community by offering a 10% discount – just show us your AHA card.